Barbecued Shish Kebobs


shish kebabs

Barbecued Shish Kebobs

Making these skewers of chicken and veggies are easy and the smell and taste of these kebobs is incredible. Served next to a salad and you have a satisfying complete meal that’s carb free and yet still decadent. Obviously, you can prep this meal ahead of time, so its perfect for weekday dinners when you know you are going to be rushed at the end of the day. You can also do these kebobs when you are having guests over for dinner. The preparing ahead part frees you up to enjoy the company of your guests. I promise you – your friends will be impressed!

Before we assemble the skewers we marinate the meat and vegetables with a blend of spices and some EVOO. We always make a large batch so that we have left overs for lunches and snacks for a few days. Of course, as always…I forgot to take an “after” picture. I guess we were just too hungry again..oh and did I tell you how good they smell?


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