Leo’s Birthday = Fettuccine Bacon Carbonara

Leo's Birthday = Fettuccine Bacon Carbonara

Leo’s Birthday “Pick” of 2014 was Fettuccine Bacon Carbonara, Fried Chicken and Coleslaw. A truly decadent, mouth watering meal considering I was on a carb free and 10 day exercise plan. I totally rationalized the indulgence because after all it was Leo’s 20th Birthday and what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t fully participate in the festivities with all my heart? Add some good red wine and voila…a memorable meal has been born.

A fairly easy pasta dish to pull together if you have pasta (duh), bacon, heavy cream and parmesan. As for the fried chicken, Pep and I always take the skin off the chicken (this makes it healthier…even though it’s fried…right?) and make our own bread crumb mixture. We toss together regular crumbs, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano and Costco’s cranberry crunch cereal. Now, I know I have the name wrong for the cereal but I don’t have a box handy to check. Let me know if you need the name and I’ll send it to you after my next Costco run. Next, instead of deep frying, I give each breaded drumstick a quick fry in a small amount of canola oil before they go into the oven to continue baking. Doing this makes the coating nice and crispy but not as saturated in oil the way it would be if you deep fried. As for the coleslaw I find it easier to buy the ready to go coleslaw at Farmboy…you can always shred your own but I just find it quicker the other way especially when your are making multiple dishes. The dressing is Miracle Whip, lemon juice and salt and pepper.

I promise to start adding properly documented recipes…I was just so excited to start posting! Rest assured, even the Fettuccine sauce is easy to make without precise measurements.


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