Guess where I’m going today & A thought on productivity

Guess where I'm going today/ A thought on productivity

Good Morning everyone!! Really having a hard time with this post..I keep editing it and then publishing it only to discover that it didn’t publish or it disappeared. Please bear with me if your’re getting multiple posts. Anyway…dont you just love this pic?! It’s a hint as to where I’m going to be spending part of my day but first…
I read an interesting article this morning about creative routines by a fellow blogger. His site is “Info We Trust”. Huge apologies because I cant figure out how to create a link back to his site but I will try to solve that problem so that I can properly link back to him in my follow up post.
So anyway, the article discusses the productivity of well known individuals throughout time and how exactly their day was spent. What I really like is that the results for each individual is reduced into “wheels of time”. So if you’re a visual person like me you’re really going to like the chart! Just picture a clock that has been divided up into the amount of time you spent sleeping, eating, working etc. What’s interesting is the amount of time these icons spent actually working on their “Opus”. Another interesting fact they discovered is stated in the following excerpt “Considering that our modern concept of exercise was not developed until the mid-20th century, it is fascinating how many of these people spent their afternoons taking vigorous walks.” All of this information is really fascinating to me too and makes me question what my “wheel of time” would look like so today I’m going to document my day and see how productive I am.
Now, back to the picture I posted. If you know me then you’ll immediately know where part of my day is going to be spent. The picture is of my in-laws Cantina…that place in every Italian home where we store tomato sauce, cheese, sausages and of course wine. I took this pic a few months ago after a morning of making home made sausages and it really sums up what it’s like to grow up in a European family.
So today and tomorrow I’ll be spending time with my Mother-in-law making Cannelloni for our Easter Sunday lunch. Its a two step process. Today we’ll be making the meat sauce filling for the Cannelloni and tomorrow will be a full day for making the pasta and assembling the Cannelloni’s. We’re a big family so that means ALOT of Cannelloni’s to prepare. Once it’s all done the trays go into the freezer. I’ll be taking lots of pics and promise to share the experience with all of you.
I also have showings booked today and tomorrow for buyer clients of mine so I think my productivity wheel is going to be pretty full!
Stay tuned for Cannelloni updates throughout the day.


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    1. Diane says:

      Thanks so much for the compliments!!!


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