For the love of Cannelloni

cannelloni ingredients

Finally back after a few days hiatus from my blog writing. The spring weather here in Ottawa has been really slow in arriving but when it did manage to make a brief appearance last week it had a ripple effect on my real estate business so I wasn’t able to post as soon as I would have liked. I also still need to draw my productivity wheel and share with all of you ( see previous post ) but that will have to wait because I’m really excited to start telling you about the …..CANNELLONI’S!!
So, I’m proud to announce that after spending two days with Maria (my mom-in-law) the LaRiccia family are the proud recipients of 97 Cannelloni! YES!! You read that right…Maria and I made 97 Cannelloni’s in one afternoon and we also had enough pasta leftover to make a tray of Lasagna for Mothers Day. I did make one very sad discovery the first day while we were making the meat filling. There is NO garlic what so ever in the filling !?!? I was surprised that I didn’t remember this because I’ve helped make the Cannelloni in the past. But I’m going to assume that my mind chose to block it from my memory so as not to cause me any undue distress. I’ve also discovered that I have a problem spelling “cannelloni” correctly no matter how many times I’ve had to spell it in the past little while. Maybe after writing this post I’ll have cured my spelling issue with c-a-n-n-e-l-l-o-n-i.

This first picture shows the ingredients that go into the meat filling. We use ground beef, pork & turkey for the meat, mozzarella, parmesan, carrots, celery, onion, salt, nutmeg, eggs, bread crumbs & milk. The bread crumbs and milk are combined together in a bowl.

After frying the meat along with the carrots, celery and onion we added the rest of the ingredients saving the mozzarella and parmesan for last. Its also important to let the meat cool down a bit before you add the eggs. This is the end result and boy does it smell good! We made this Wednesday and Maria says its important to let it sit over night in the fridge so that the meat can absorb all of the ingredients properly.
cannelloni meat

Thursday we made the fresh pasta…I have way too many pictures to post but I thought this one is a good example of what the dough looks like after its been rolled through the pasta machine.


Next, the long strips of pasta are cut into squares, the meat filling is placed on top and the cannelloni is rolled up…


We placed our little creations in a deep Tupperware container, each row being layered with parchment paper. They are then stored in the freezer until they make their star appearance on Easter Sunday.


The final end result will be posted after our Easter Sunday feast..that’s if I haven’t died and gone to Heaven after eating those Cannelloni’s.

In the meantime I’d love to hear what you think and what your favourite pasta dish is!
Buon Appetito everyone,


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