Pizza anyone?



This pizza has to be one of my favourites. It’s a zucchini, onion & potato mix with lots of garlic, oregano and sweet red pepper all sautéed in EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Sometimes I’ll add hot red pepper if I want to add a little kick to it. Very versatile, you can serve it any way you want…as an appetizer, a main or if you’re a Realtor you can serve it at your agent open house like I did. A few bottles of red wine always make a nice accompaniment.
For the crust you can use a store bought dough. I usually get mine from the local grocery store or if we’re in the Westboro area we’ll drop in to Parma Ravioli and buy their freshly made dough. Of course shopping there is like shopping at Costco…you can’t just buy one item. Depending on where you shop, the most you’ll pay is $2.49 for one dough which will make you either one very thick crusted pizza or two thin crusts. If you are adventurous and decide to make your own pizza dough then it will cost you pennies! Once the pizza’s are baked you can even freeze them for a later date if you made extra.
As for the ingredients the possibilities are endless!


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