Easter Fun!



Easter has come and gone at our home but the memories will last forever.  

As many of you had read last week our star attraction for Easter Sunday was going to be the cannelloni I made with my Mother-in-law but there was a  surprise runner up this year.  While Pep and I were having our morning coffee talking about the day ahead we decided we might need one more addition to our antipasto plates.  That’s when we came up with these darling little egg chicks!  They weren’t that hard to make – it was more an exercise in patience.  My advice is to cut off a small portion of the bottom of the egg so that they can sit with ease and comfort.  You need to carefully remove the yellow part so that you don’t damage the white part of the egg.   We decided to mix the filling with a small amount of olive oil, finely chopped onion and salt & pepper to taste.  Two little black peppercorns do the trick for the eyes and of course the beak is made from a small piece of carrot.

Here are all our little peeps going centre stage on the antipasto platter…


Aren’t they the cutest?? Home made pizzas and two appetizers courtesy of our niece Katrina complete the dish.


And for the finale…except in our case this was just the beginning of the feast..here is the Cannelloni picture as promised.  I almost forgot to take a picture we were so busy inhaling them!





The Cannelloni was followed by two legs of lamb courtesy of my sister-in-law Rosie


Lemon baked sole presented by Chloe


and barbecued whole chickens, grilled veggies and salad (sorry no pics …imagination required).

Just when you thought we were done eating …up came the dessert…


and MORE dessert…


followed by home made limoncello and espresso



And this is where we say …the end!

Until next time of course.


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