Baccala Chips

Baccala Chips

A delicious treat for any day are these salty Baccala chips. They are one of Pep’s favourite snacks and as the children have grown, Baccala has become a favourite for them as well. Rarely does a batch last more than a day unless I hide those salty treasures somewhere deep in the fridge!

This Baccala recipe is not hard at all and only requires a few ingredients but I think if you haven’t grown up with this dish or you haven’t been introduced to them by someone else it might seem like a recipe not worth trying.

When you buy the salt cod its important to buy the de boned kind otherwise these tasty chips will be filled with hair like cod bones…not fun at all. You can buy them from Nicastro’s or now that they sell them at Loblaws in the fish department I tend to grab a package there when I’m doing the rest of my groceries.

The first step is to rinse the cod filets and let them soak in water over night. If you skip this step the Baccala Chips will be far too salty to enjoy. You should also change the water a couple times if you can. I should mention that when you buy the cod, it will be in large peices, so cut them with a kitchen scissor into small bite sized portions. If the cod is thick then slice it in half as well. The goal is to have thinner chip sized pieces that will fry quickly. Here is what they look like after they’ve soaked overnight and have been strained of their water bath.
2014-07-12 13.30.09
Next, I lay them on a few layers of paper towels and pat them dry. You will want them to be as dry as possible.
2014-07-12 13.34.53
Coat them with flour.
2014-07-12 14.27.35
And that is it!! Now you are ready to fry them. Always use a mild oil like canola or corn.
2014-07-12 14.36.23
Once they are browned on both sides remove them and let them sit on some paper towels to absorb the residue oil. I was quite surprised to see one little baccala chip in the shape of the boot of Italy! Now, how apropos is that!
2014-07-12 14.41.38
Arrange on a dish and garnish with lemon wedges. You can even drizzle with red wine vinegar and finely chopped parsley.
Can you spot the little Baccala chip shaped like the boot of Italy in the big dish up above?
Buon Appetito everyone!

Salt cod, deboned
Canola or Corn Oil


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