Basil Love

2013-08-28 17.50.24

I am so in love with the look and smell of basil and really wish I could grow it all year round. Last fall I made an attempt at growing basil from seed. I was so excited and optimistic when all the little green sprouts started making their appearance a couple of weeks later. I had visions of making pesto all winter long. I watered and thinned them out and patiently waited for my first picking from my mini indoor basil garden. Well I have to say growing basil inside during the winter does not yield quite the same results as a summer garden does. The end result was one stem of basil that survived. We’ve picked from it once hoping this would encourage it to thicken up a bit but it still looks like a war torn soldier coming off the front lines…
I make as much pesto as I can to last us through the winter months but I never seem to be able to make enough. The more I make..the more it gets used up. You can put it in your sauces, your pasta dishes or spread it on a crostini and grill it…and trust me, the smell is heavenly. They make great little gifts but can be really hard to part with once you fall victim to the pesto addiction.
2013-08-30 15.41.31
Buon Appetito everyone!


2 cups basil, firmly packed
1/2 cup olive oil
4 garlic cloves
1/2 cup parmesan
pepper & salt to taste

Place the basil leaves, garlic cloves and parmesan in the food processor and blend until its coarsely chopped. Start adding the olive oil slowly and process until it is fully incorporated and smooth. Add salt & pepper to taste.

If freezing, transfer to an air-tight container and drizzle oil over the top. Freeze for up to 3 months.


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