Romantic lunch by candlelight, ZaZaZa Pizza & the Ottawa Red Blacks


Did this shoe full of fries catch your attention? It certainly caught ours!

But first, if you read my last post on Strawberry Rhubarb Cheesecake and you live in Ottawa then you know that my offering to the weather Gods worked. We had stellar weather in Ottawa over the weekend and the Weather Gods must have really liked my mini jar cheesecakes because it looks like we’ve been granted a stellar week and upcoming long weekend of beautiful summer weather.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend the Ottawa Red Blacks game against Calgary. A ticket to the game also gives you a free transportation ticket via OC Transpo or one of the shuttle bus locations. We chose the OC Transpo and the frequency and speed of taking the bus was amazing. The buzz in the Glebe is palpable and you’ll want to arrive early and enjoy the scenery,grab a bite to eat and maybe even do a little people watching along the way.

When we arrived in the Glebe we decided to try out the new ZaZaZa Pizza with Pizzaz restaurant. They are also located in Beechwood and Hintonburg and I would highly recommend you try this place out. Started by owner Ion Aimers, the same guy who started up The Works here in Ottawa, it’s obvious that he’s hit another “restaurant” nail on the head. The atmosphere, service and food is fantastic. They have an open concept kitchen so if you happen to be sitting at the bar like we were, you’ll have first hand views of the pizzas being made. ZaZaZa Pizza with Pizzaz specializes in a uniquely thin crust pizza that is made fresh to order in minutes. The menu is full of a variety of types of pizzas and they all have their own fun unique names. Even though the restaurant was packed when we were there I think we waited a maximum of 15 minutes for our pizzas. The staff was friendly, fast, informative and very accommodating. You can sit at the bar, by the window, a table or even a comfy set of lounging chairs.

We sat at the bar by candlelight and enjoyed a pitcher of Kitchissipi beer…now is that romantic or what!?!?


We started with their signature sweet potato fries in a shoe to start. Instant hit is all I can say…I could have had shoe full after shoe full of these fries…


Luckily a spot became open at the front of the restaurant so one of the servers happily moved us and the end result was a table with a view and some very interesting “people watching” as we waited for our pizza.


And now for the finale…the moment we were all waiting for…our Pizza. We chose the Italian pizza ( I think I’m remembering the name right). It had eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, sausage and fresh bocconcini cheese & basil. The pizza was melt in your mouth quality…

Just as a side note…for the more adventurous type…there was also a very interesting one called the scary room had tomato sauce – mozzarella, kraft dinner, hot dogs, cheddar, parmesan. Let me know if you ever try it!


Completely full and satisfied we headed off to the game. The Red Blacks didn’t win yesterday but the Pizza did hands down and now we have a new place to frequent and recommend.

Buon Appetito everyone!



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