Good Morning!


Doesn’t this pic just have Good Morning written all over it?? Now if I new how to use Photoshop that’s exactly what I would write across it! Sigh…

So my friends…I believe I do have some out there…I’ve started this week off with a list of things I need to get done at work (aka where I make money) and here at home in my very own blog world. It’s a rainy, cool and windy week here in Ottawa but that’s okay because it gives us all a good reason to wear our lulu lemons, drink Starbucks and stay cozy and warm while we go about our day..right? No meetings today = I get to wear whatever I want day…Thank goodness because it is one of those days that if I had to play dress up I probably wouldn’t do a very good job of it.

A little note to all of you coffee lovers out there – as much as I love Starbucks coffee, whatever you do DON’T buy the Starbucks vanilla and caramel keurig coffee cups. I am a big fan of all flavoured coffees, have tried many different brands but I have to say that the Starbucks vanilla and caramel K-cups I bought are terrible. Seriously, I can’t even finish my coffee and for a rainy cold morning that’s pretty disappointing.

This is the view from my home office – pretty dreary…but even worse without my morning coffee.

The view

What does it look like outside your window today and as I stand here coffee’less what are you drinking while you’re staring out of it…I’ll just live vicariously through all of you this morning.



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