L’Arte D’arrangiarsi
”The art of making something out of nothing. The art of turning a few simple ingredients into a feast or a few gathered friends into a festival. Anyone with a talent for happiness can do this, not only the rich”. from the book Eat, Pray, Love.

“That which induces a cheerful mood, peace of mind, with connotation of belonging and social acceptance, coziness and unhurry”. Wikipedia

Welcome to our blog! I’m Diane and Pep is my husband, whose name also happens to be the inspiration behind the title of our blog. We are not professional cooks by any means just a couple with a shared passion for cooking. Coming from traditional European families, mine being German/Austrian and Pep’s being Italian; we were both instilled early on with a strong sense of family, tradition and good food. Europeans are typically known for being able to “make something out of nothing” and our parents were no exception. A garden every summer and a cantina full of wine and preserves were routine for Pep and I growing up. Not only did this resourcefulness allow them to save money it was also a way for them to stay connected to who they were and where they came from. Today we continue on with many of these traditions and our shared love for our cultures.

I started this blog as a way to document our discoveries in the kitchen and capture a sense of what German/Italian culture and traditions are all about. Our blog will hopefully be a place that offers you a window into our world where we share with you our enthusiasm for food, family and traditions old and new. Food is what brings people together, nourishes the soul and creates memories and traditions that last a lifetime.

So sit back and join us on our journey. We hope to inspire you to try something new and share it with the people around you. And remember…with a little bit of this and a little bit of that…you too can make something out of nothing!

Buon Appetito & Guten Appetite everyone!
Diane & Pep

**Please do not copy or reproduce anything on our site without first asking permission. If you want to copy a recipe please link back to my site..thank you.


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